Cosmetic injection in the female lips Injectable fillers are the commonest procedure for lip enhancement. For the lip area, the injectable filler ought to be made of hyaluronic acid, an organically resorbing sugar-like molecule (Restylane and Juvederm), that has few complications and often disappears. Although resorb ability is not preferred by individuals, the lips are extremely reactive to a more lasting simplified fillers and these ought to be prevented for lip enhancement. While injectable filler lip augmentation is fast to carry out and creates an instantaneous result without the need for recovery, treatment must be recurring with the associated cost. Some individuals may want a more long-lasting solution to their lip area. Whichever method you desire we got you covered!

Lip enhancement procedures and treatments

There are lots of procedures for lip augmentation. You are going to be offered many options based on your cosmetic objectives and recovery period. Depending on your needs it could be ideal to have a couple of these procedures to obtain the perfect appearance.

Fat transfer Injections

In fat transfer injections, fat from your body (autologous fat) can be extracted using liposuction from one site of the body and injected into your lips. Injections may need to be continual until the desired result is reached.

Injections - fillers

Fillers made out of all-natural or synthetic biocompatible substance works like a fat swap to make the lip plump. One treatment is normally adequate to yield the needed result. The results, however, is often short-term and call for recurring injections.

Surgical procedure - dermal graft

An everlasting approach to augmenting the lips is achieved surgically, with incisions done inside the mouth. A dermal-fat graft, extracted from the deeper layers of the skin, and then set under the mucosa (the lining of the lip) to add additional fat for plumpness.

Vermillion advancement Surgery

This surgery entails making an incision along the boundary of the colored part of the lip area, taking out a strip of skin outside the boundary and then tugging the colored area to augment the lip area.

Lip Implant Surgery

Lip implants can be inserted via small incisions inside the corners of the mouth area. There are lots of natural and artificial implant alternatives to choose from. It is advisable to consult your surgeon for the best option.

Lip Lift Surgery

Getting rid of extra skin layers and raising the lips will help people with loose skin or a downward sloping lip. To raise the upper lip, an incision is done under the nose to shorten the skin for pull up. Other sorts of lip lift techniques can also shorten the upper lip to reveal more teeth. To lift a downward, lowering lip, small incisions are done on the side of the mouth, and the excess skin is taken out. Small stitches are used for this process and taken out few (four - five) days later.

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