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There are lots of methods to help you when beginning to notice visible aging signs in your face. Lots of people resort to  anti-aging gels, and cosmetic surgery. If you want to reduce greatly the presence of fine lines and wrinkles or make the cheeks and lips fuller, filler treatments may be the answer. They are momentary or short-term treatment options that provide instantaneous results without surgical procedure. How fillers work and whether or not they can fit your needs.

Different types of Fillers

There are lots of different fillers that are normally used in enhancing facial areas. Some are produced from collagen, which is naturally present in bones and teeth. Some filler is composed of hyaluronic acid. This is naturally present in the human body, particularly around the eyes and the joints. Calcium hydroxylapatite is filler present in human bones and is used exclusively in situations of serious aging signs. Polylactic acid is artificial filler that induces the production or formation of collagen. This filler differs from the other type of fillers since it does not bring about instant results. Rather, collagen development increases with time, producing results gradually.

How do these fillers Work?

The process involved in filler procedure is plain and simple. Injections are placed in the areas where you want to enhance. It requires just a few seconds per site/spot. Hence, the actual process takes only a few minutes. For those who have strong, deep scars or lines, it will require much deeper injections, which can sometimes hurt. This is why anesthetic will usually be administered in these types of cases.

Results or Outcomes

With filler treatments, you normally get instantaneous results. Your thin lip area becomes plumper; the shallow cheeks also become fuller in looks, fine lines, and wrinkles can be greatly reduced or eradicated and scars can become less evident. Filler treatment options are a great way to impede a permanent - and expensive - surgery like facial rejuvenation or brow lift. But, it is essential to keep in mind the results of fillers are just temporary or momentary. To sustain these results, you will need consistent injections. Without proper maintenance, the skin will go back to its normal state, which implies that lips will eventually become thinner, and wrinkles will resurface.

Risks and Recommendations

Our cosmetic surgery studios offer non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation methods to help you restore younger looks to your face. Feel and look better without surgical treatment or/and an extensive recovery period.

Filler treatment options don't need a recovery period, so you can return to work without delay and resume your normal routines. Although there may be some bruising or soreness for some days after the process, it will go away after a while. There are also slight effects, like infections, rashes, numbness and bleeding, but these are uncommon. Contact us today for your lip filler treatment, don't self-treat yourself!

Augment Your Face with Fillers

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