The combination of Anti Wrinkle injections and natural remedies for better skin
Posted on: December 12, 2016, by : Melbourne

Acial treatments Rejuvenation of the face and neck without surgery

Over the years, the collagen fibers are produced in our body is getting worse, and the skin begins to sag. Because of this there are bags under his eyes, and so-called "flews" under the cheeks begin to crawl down sad corners of the eyes and lips, losing clarity of a face and there is a second chin.

We carry a wide range of procedures to address aging and rejuvenation, including facelift.

Wrinkle sleep 

Typically, the fastest tone and elasticity are lost in the open areas of the skin, which in life are often subjected to UV irradiation: the face, neck and décolleté.

The most efficient and versatile non-surgical method of anti-aging and various defects of the skin is the intradermal administration of hyaluronic acid, which focuses on problem areas. Hyaluronic acid - a naturally occurring sugar molecule, a part of all the tissues of the body, having the ability to attract water, helps to moisturize the skin, giving it volume and improves texture.

Indian head massage

For this Indian head massage requires two things: a nutritious vegetable oil, and skilled hands of the master. Oils used in this case very different from the totally exotic to become commonplace in recent years, olive and almond. All these scented oils have a very beneficial effect on hair growth and condition of the scalp.

Also, you can try a kind of Indian head massage without oil. This massage is optimal in those cases where you want to get useful and pleasant procedure, and the extra time does not. The session of Indian head massage without oil can be visited directly before the party, and the look and feel stunning!

Spanish acupressure

Acupressure is also a lot in common with acupuncture as well as the impact of a needle, and squeezing the finger at certain points of the broken restore function and improve the condition. Widespread acupressure is largely due to its simplicity, a small area of ​​exposure. Acupressure is good and that can be used as first aid, as well as with medical therapy.

Face cleansing

By cleansing the face include a variety of procedures that are associated with the removal of inflammation in the skin, blackheads, pimples and other minor troubles. As a result, the person cleaning the stimulation of blood circulation and metabolic processes in the skin, normalization of the sebaceous glands. Face cleaning is a necessary procedure to maintain the beauty and skin tone.

Face mask

Facial masks are used to make the skin smooth and soft. The masks have many different missions. In our center you can make a mask for dull skin, aging skin, dry, oily or problem.


Eyebrows, no doubt, be called the mirror of the soul. It is they who best express emotions. Properly designed eyebrows can make a woman more attractive and groomed - spoil even the most beautiful face. Properly designed eyebrows can visually enlarge the eyes, make a person more thin or rounded, highlight the best features and hide imperfections

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