Day: November 4, 2015

Lip Augmentation Melbourne

Lips Made Better With Lip Fillers

Do you desire kissable lips, but don't know how or where to start in Melbourne?

The market today is saturated with lots of beauty-related products that are intended to make us look a lot more gorgeous and attractive. Today, the lip plumpers available can help make your lips appear slightly poutier than ever before!

Highlighted below are different types of lip enhancement treatments obtainable in the market;

Lip Plumpers

Most lip plumper delivers the instantaneous result. You will see instantly what the outcome will be when you go by the way of lip plumper. The drawback is that it doesn't stay long.

The second type of lip plumper is one that works by enhancing the moisture in the lip area. This is a far more lasting commitment on your part wherein you will experience progressive outcome as the result of a slight increase in collagen production in the lip area. The result is also gradual for lip size.

Before and AfterLip Injections

If you desire spectacular lip enhancement and result, injections are highly recommended to deliver the result you want. There are lots of injections surgeon can use to give a dramatic result in lip enhancement procedure. Among these injections are fat, collagen, artecoll, Restylane, and autologen.

The actual amount of time for this procedure is little (between half an hour and two hours), and they can be done in the doctor's office (office-based treatment)often. The prices for these injections are somewhat high, and they must be recurring to retain the effect.

Lip Surgery

This lip enhancement treatment offers lasting solution to fine lines and wrinkles cause by aging. Surgical treatments include synthetic implants, AlloDerm, flap grafting, and fat grafting. This surgery is costly and will require a couple of days for procedure and require time recovery period.

Any of the above mentioned lip enhancement options is readily available but depend on choice and budget. Ultimately it is advisable to seek advice from specialist on the best method base on these two factors (choice and budget).

You can choose to opt for the less costly alternatives to over-the-counter procedures that are designed to augment lips by either moisturizing or other available choices (injections and surgery) that are costly and carry some side effect.

For lip enhancement, you can book an appointment with any of our surgeon, and he/she will prepare personalized option for you.