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Injectable fillers are by far the most often administered office-based cosmetic procedures. Their instant result with a couple of minute treatment time delivers a pleasant experience that will last for longer time. Out of all the facial injection treatment, the lip areas are among the prevalent. With Melbourne and the world's trends of fuller lips, injectable fillers offer a quick way of obtaining fuller, more sexy lips.

In most cases, the aim of lip enhancement with fillers is always to enhance the size of the upper portion of the lip to complement the size of the lower lip area. To efficiently augment the size of an upper lip area, one has to possess sufficient vermilion (or pink part) so that it can be enhanced or pushed out vertically and horizontally. Without lots of vermilions, injectable fillers will end up pushing out the lip horizontally forming an unusual or 'duckbill' appearance.

Injectable Lip EnhancementYou may have often opposed anti-ageing remedy for the fear of appearing artificial and ultimately causing more damage than good to your overall look. However there's absolutely nothing to worry about, our fillers are certain to give you that vibrant looking skin you desire.

We use soft micro-injection gels made from a non-permanent, bio-compatible substance that works as a structural support, lubricant and shock absorber once it is injected. This method plumps up skin area that has lost its shape as a result of aging and other factors. This exclusive treatment can achieve two skincare desires – to get rid of lines as well as wrinkles also to enhance the shape of a certain area of the face.

Lip Augmentation

Reasons for Augmentation using fillers

Rejuvenating Vibrant Looks

Our all-natural gel fillers can help reverse the different signs of aging on the face and hands. The terrible dark hollows under the eyes can be remedied by uplifting and filling the thin skin. Likewise, hollowed temples, which can make you appear skeletal, can be treated using these fillers.

Facial lines and sagging skin on the face and hands cause you to look older than your real age. Repair your look with this treatment – without surgical procedure and with noticeable results even just in one visit.

Enhancing Natural Beauty

If some augmentation on your face can provide you with a great self-confidence boost, why not grab this treatment? Our specially trained team can provide the exact volume of filler required to have the perfect lips you desire.

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Not everybody is endowed with full lips shaped. Maybe you believe that you’d have got an enhanced smile if you’ve got plumper cheeks. Or simply, all you need is adding just a little elevation to your nose. Now you can have your beauty desires settled without needing to with surgical procedure.